Using the money his father left for housing to pursue an overseas education

29 Jun 2020

Article featured SP Civil Engineering alumnus, Liang Eng Hwa. He shared that the three years in poly has allowed him to make a lot of good friends and become more independent. After graduating from SP, Eng Hwa used the money his father left for his future housing needs to pursue an overseas education. He intentionally chose a business programme because he knew that the education fees would be much higher and he wanted to put every cent to good use. After completing his education abroad, Eng Hwa returned to Singapore and worked at DBS Bank for 27 years. He currently holds the position of Managing Director for DBS’s Institutional Banking Group. Eng Hwa will also be running in the upcoming General Elections and aspires to help citizens fight for more benefits. (Lianhe Zaobao, p7)

Liang eng hwa

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