Violin maker: Difference between making violins and teaching violin lessons

06 Sep 2020

Article featured 33-year-old SP Diploma in Mechanical Engineering alumnus, Wang Shaojun. It has always been Shaojun’s dream to become a violin teacher. He secured a Grade 8 certificate in violin in secondary school and has never stopped playing. When he was in SP, he also joined the poly’s String Ensemble club. However, halfway through his music career, he was inspired by violinist Liang Zhongshu, who switched from playing the violin to making violins. Shaojun felt that this was a unique career choice that few could take up, and thus decided to go into violin making. To pursue his career, he went overseas to attend a professional course at The Violin Making School of America. The school is known for producing violin making experts and would only accept 25 students every year. Shaojun shared that he is very grateful to have supportive parents who allowed him to pursue his dreams. Moving forward, he hopes to perfect his skill and make violins for music lovers. (Lianhe Zaobao, P4&5)

Violin maker

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