Where the Jobs Are: Sailing on despite Covid-19, cutting-edge maritime sector holds much promise for youth

15 Mar 2021

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Nautical Studies alumnus, Captain Jeevan Raj, who is currently a fleet manager at Heidmar Far East. In his daily role, he plans the voyages of the company’s fleet and ensures that ship owners comply with regulations. After graduating from the Singapore Maritime Academy in 2006, he started sailing on various vessels transporting chemicals as a third officer. His starting pay was about S$4,000 a month, and when he became a chief officer several years later, his income was S$7,500 a month, excluding bonuses. The now 35 year old gradually scaled the ranks to become a ship captain by 2014, earning about S$10,000 a month, excluding bonuses. In 2015, he made the switch to an on-shore role, working at Heidmar Far East as a vessel operator, so that he could spend more time with his family.


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