Youth play an active role in environmental conservation

29 Jun 2024

The 'YES Leaders' programme organised by the YES Movement under the NEA aims to raise awareness of environmental sustainability among youth leaders. The participants are also given funding support of $5,000 for each project, and the NEA also offers several advisors who can guide them in their respective projects. One of the 27 participants in the first group of YES Leaders was Nur Leila Laqman Hakem. While studying landscape architecture at SP, Nur Leila became interested in topics related to environmental sustainability. "As students in the industry, such topics are very important practices that we must understand. I am interested in learning about what I, as a youth, can do for the environment to make it a better place for my generation and the generations to come," said Leila. She is also one of the members of the Environment Club, and that was where the 'YES Leaders' programme was first introduced to her. Her project, entitled "Eco Impact" focuses on improving the waste management infrastructure in SP and increasing the awareness of students in the institution about environmental sustainability initiatives in SP. "First, we conducted an observational study by walking around the campus to identify the main problems in the school area. From there, we sent an email to all schools to assess their level of knowledge about sustainability and how SP can help to improve it," said Ms Leila. The number of recycling bins in SP has almost doubled from 20 to 39 today.

[Berita Mediacorp]

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