FabLab offers 2 different kinds of workshops,

  • Equipment Workshop:

    Workshops that specialised in equipment mastery, enables the users to learn the safety and proficiency with little to no supervision. A one-time award of FabLab credits will be given at the end of the certification for users to book the equipment.

  • Workshops:

    Workshops that emphasize fun in learning, learners are able to explore new technologies or new skills that may improve or enhance their current skill-sets. FabLab credits are usually not given in these workshops.


Click here for the full listing of workshops.


Equipment in FabLab

FabLab equipment are available for SP staff and students. We have listed some of our equipment available for your production needs!

Flat Bed Cutter

Cut materials like corrugated cardboard, paper, thin plastics, foam and vinyl up to 2500mm x 1600mm in size.




2D Laser Cutter

Cut or engrave materials like corrugated cardboard, acrylic sheets, plywood and technical board up to 5mm thick.




3D Printer

Print 3D CAD drawings using PLA (PolyLatic Acid) material within 3 hours.



Electronic cutting machine & Heat Press machine

Cut stock cards or vinyl on the Electronic cutting machine.

Heat press your heat transfer dye-sub or vinyl. 


C&C Machining

Make something big with our C&C machine!