These are some of our electives in Singapore Polytechnic that Fab Lab work closely with.



Digital Fabrication & Prototyping Fundamentals (EP1000) - Fab Lab Elective

Eligibility: For all students

The elective is organised around a self-directed project where students develop design thinking and prototyping skills. Students will be guided through a design thinking process followed by the development of a functional prototype. Students will apply design and digital fabrication processes for developing a functional prototype that integrates these processes. Students will practice these skills in a design studio setting. 



Further Digital Fabrication & Prototyping (EP1001) - Fab Lab Elective

Eligibility: For all students with a pass in EP1000

This elective module builds on the fundamentals of digital fabrication and prototyping learned in module EP1000, and they will be exposed to a greater variety and deeper knowledge of digital fabrication machines and technology. The module is organised around a self-directed project which students will design and fabricate in the Fablab. Working in groups, students will be guided through the project development process followed by the implementation of a functional prototype. Students will apply the design and fabrication process for developing a functional prototype that integrates both mechanical, electronics, and embedded programming technologies. Students acquire further digital fabrication skills that enable them to produce creative and innovative solutions to challenges faced. Examples include internships, final year projects, and grad shows. 





fabSTUDIO (EM0014) - ABE elective

Eligibility: For ABE student

Digital Fabrication Laboratory is a place to have fun in making, in creating and to invent! In fabSTUDIO, students will master the fundamentals of 3D printing and laser cutting through the eyes of a designer.



Transdisciplinary Innovation Project (EP0803) - MAD Elective

Eligibility: For all students

This module equips students to work in transdisciplinary teams and develop working solutions for a live industry partner. Industry experts will collaborate and mentor the teams as part of the solutioning process. Through this module students will also be exposed to design processes, innovation and entrepreneurial vigour. This 100% in-course assessment module comprises both individual and group work.



Entrepreneurship – Ideation, Prototyping and Startup Acceleration-I (EP1100) - SPINOFF

Eligibility: For all students. DBA (ENT) students are ineligible.

The module will help students curate their entrepreneurial ideas for development and acceleration towards startup outcomes. Module participants will receive supporting resources in terms of mentors, co-working space, guidance in product and/or service design, funding advice, marketing and branding development.


Social Entrepreneurship – (EP0104) - LSC Elective

Eligibility: For students who have completed LeX or SIP

In this module, students will have the opportunity to take their SIP/LeX solutions to scale by working with industry partners, start-ups, social entrepreneurs, school mentors and/or FabLab SP staff to develop a business plan and working prototype. Students will acquire social entrepreneurship skills and an innovative mindset through frameworks such as LEAN, and be exposed to fabrication skills at FabLab SP. Students will also develop an awareness of the social impact of their ideas through the incorporation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their business plans.