About Fab Lab

FabLab SP is a place for you to discover, make and innovate. It is a one-stop location for you to learn, master and deploy digital fabrication and prototyping skills in SP. It aims to develop and transform SP student to a graduate who is a self-directed and motivated learner, equipped with deep technical skills and sound knowledge of safety consciousness. 

FabLab SP operates as a distributed network of Fab spaces across SP Campus. It currently houses equipment such as laser cutters, 3D printers, 3D precision CNC machines, large format router, PCB milling machines, Flatbed Plotter, electronic workbenches and many other fabrication equipment as it aims to be a place where students from across schools work on multi-disciplinary projects. We also conduct a wide range of design and fabrication courses and workshops for beginners and intermediate learners. We also support the design and prototyping in the entrepreneurship training in SP.

The FabLab SP also seeks to establish collaboration with the community, both locally as well as international, and industry to work on joint projects.

Fab Lab in Singapore Polytechnic

There are 3 Fab Labs in Singapore Polytechnic.





Fab Lab @ T1442

Located at the Engineering Block of T14, the lab houses most of the 3D printers, PCB milling and soldering stations for your prototyping needs. Currently it is also home to Engineering Academy and Fab Academy students.




Fab Lab @ T11C

Situated at the heart of Singapore Polytechnic, hence the name Central Fab Lab. It houses larger and more sophisticated equipment like laser cutters, CNC milling and wood working machines. Great for making big ideas and projects!





A fun and neutral ground to inspire the curious learners and tinkerers. Makerspace is located inside SP Library, Level 2A. It houses equipment like laser cutters, 3D printers, vinyl cutters & t-shirt heat pressing machines. Great for hobbyist and curious learners!




At Singapore Polytechnic Library, Makerspace was created in 2013 to encourage activity-based learning and to transform the library’s image from a place in which resources are consumed to that of a place where works are created.

The space is located in the Library, open to staff and students from all disciplines, from beginners to enthusiasts. Workshops on a variety of technologies (e.g. 3D printing, Arduino, LEDs, 3D design, programming, video making) are run regularly. Other types of programmes include out-of-classroom experience, bootcamp, tech talks, demos of emerging technologies and project advisory service to students. Resources offered include DIY kits, tools, books, videos and online platforms to promote sharing of reusable objects.

To inspire discovery, foster interaction and build connections, we connect our users to maker communities beyond our campus. Being a place of natural convergence of curriculums and communities, Makerspace offers a supportive and non-intimidating atmosphere for discovery, experimentation and co-creation.

We welcome everyone from all disciplines to explore what Makerspace has to offer. We pledge to be inclusive of ideas and people, and also aspire to be a fertile ground for new discoveries and champions of the Maker Movement.

If you have an idea or project to share, please get in touch with our Fab Lab staff. We would be happy to connect your creativity to an audience.


Opening hours of Fab Lab & Makerspace

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