All students (except Virtual College students) are to participate in the Interbank Giro Scheme for payment of their fees.

Interbank Giro is applicable even if you are using the CPF or Mendaki Scheme to pay for your tuition fee as you would need to pay for other fees from your own funds.

Interbank Giro is an easy and convenient way to pay fees without having to queue at the counter.

Complete Part I of the Application Form for Interbank Giro. You can use your own bank account or your parent's/guardian's account. The name of the account holder shall be the person whose account will be deducted for payment of fees.

Ensure that the signature(s)/thumbprint(s) on the application form is the same as in the Bank records. For accounts operated using thumbprints, please go to the respective bank's branch with your identification to have your thumbprint(s) verified.

Submit the completed Interbank Giro Application Form to Singapore Polytechnic with your enrolment documents.

Note: For new students, the Giro Deduction will commence only in the 2nd semester of your first year of study.

Singapore Polytechnic will notify you on the amount to be deducted and actual date of deduction at least one week in advance via SP Email Account (iChat).  Log on to e-Services/e-Resources > Finance Matters > Fee Voucher to view your Fee Voucher on the web.  You may print a copy for your own reference.  Note: There will be no further notification.

Please take note of the deduction date, bank account number and the fee amount to be deducted.  You need to maintain sufficient funds in your account prior to the deduction date.  Unsuccessful Giro deductions are subjected to Late Fees.

Virtual College Students

GIRO deduction is not applicable to Virtual College (VC) Students. Your fees must be paid in cash or cheque made payable to "Singapore Polytechnic" before commencement of each semester. Please refer to your fee advice for payment details.

Interbank Giro Deduction is not applicable to Specialist Diploma in Energy Efficiency & Management.