SP donors-sponsored Bursary Awards

Singapore Polytechnic is deeply appreciative of all our generous donors listed below. Their unwavering support and financial assistance extended to our students goes a long way in meeting our students‘ needs and to ensure that they are able to complete their education in SP.

  • 4G Foundation Bursary

  • Andrea Sin Bursary 

  • Big Bucks Investment Bursary

  • Chan Ching Yee Bursary Fund

  • Charles & Lee Moy Award

  • Choo and Lim Endowment Fund

  • Citic Telecom Scholarship

  • Chew Boon Lay Bursary

  • Danial Bohan Bursary

  • Daisy Phay (SP) Foundation Award

  • Goh Foundation Bursary

  • Hong Leong Foundation Bursary

  • HSC Foundation Bursary

  • inSPire Bursary

  • James Raper Trust Fund Scholarship

  • JEL Bursary 

  • KFC Study Award

  • K.S Bursary

  • Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple Bursary

  • Lee Foundation Bursary

  • Leo & Chiew Leng Bursary

  • Lien Foundation Bursary

  • Linn In Hua Bursary

  • Lo Ka Chung Endowment Fund

  • Low Mui Bursary 

  • MisterBoon & Associates Bursary

  • Mr Leong Fai Choy Bursary

  • Nam Hoe Bursary

  • Nasser Saddique Bursary

  • Neoasia Bursary  

  • NTUC Income OrangeAid Award

  • Renee Chew Student Assistance Fund

  • PAP Community Foundation Study

  • Peter Lim Horticulture and Animal Science Scholarship Study Award

  • Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore Scholarship

  • SH + Liane Teoh Bursary 

  • SP 50th Anniversary Bursary

  • SP Co-operative Ltd Bursary

  • SPGG Bursary Awards (various)

  • Starbucks Coffee Singapore Bursary

  • Tan Hu Shien Bursary

  • Tan Joo Kee Bursary 

  • Ted de Ponti Scholarship

  • Worldwide Hotels – Choo Chong Ngen Bursary


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