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Profiling Tool
JobsBank Profiler
Discover Local Jobs that best fit your personality and interest.
O*Net Interest ProfilerThe O*NET Interest Profiler can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. You can find out what you like to do.

Big Five PersonalitTest (MBTI)

MBTI is one of the most commonly used personality profiling tools in career coaching,counselling.
DISC Personality TestThis free DISC personality test lets you determine your DISC type and personality profile quickly. Find out how the DISC factors, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance predict your behaviour towards others and the everyday things you do.
Skills Inventory TestThe Skills Inventory is a simple way for you to identify the skills you possess and the areas you would like to or need to work on.


ECG Series: Your Year3 Toolkit (6-parts)

#1 : Find Your Dream Job

ECG Series Year3 Toolkit 1
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Welcome to Year 3!

As you start your final year with SP, we are happy to share with you a Toolkit to guide your preparations for your next lap, be it further education or work.

Your Year 3 Toolkit will help you:

  1. Find your dream job
  2. Build your portfolio
  3. Prepare your university or job application
  4. Ace your interview
Today, we start with ‘Find your dream job’. We will be sharing the other components at regular intervals throughout this year.

#2 : 'Big Interview' Practice Tool
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We are happy to introduce another tool that will be useful to you this year - an online interview practice tool called 'Big Interview'.

This will be useful to you be it for internship, university, scholarship, traineeship or a job. It's never too early to stat your practice. Do try it!

As this is an external resource that we are trialling, please register to use this tool.

#3 :Check this space on Week of 19 Oct
#4 :Check this space on Week on 16 Nov
#5 :Check this space on Week on 13 Dec
#6 :Check this space on Week of 18 Jan 2021
Empower Yourself - for Year 1 Alumni

SGUnited Skills Programme

SGUnited SkillsProgramme
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A 6 to 12 months full-time training programme that helps jobseekers to be ready for jobs when the economy recovers.

The programme comprises industry-relevant and certifiable courses conducted by Continuing Education and Traning Centres, including institutes of Higher Learning.

SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package: SGUnited Traineeships and Virtual Career Fairs

SGUnited Jobs n Skills Series
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Find out more about the jobs, traineeships and training opportunities available to help you through this period under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills Package.

You can apply for traineeship positions to pick up industry-related experiences and exposure, in preparation for future opportunities. Also, check out the virtual career fairs running currently, till 12 July.

SGUnited Traineeships Programme

SGUnited Traineeships Programme
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SP Alumni who graduated or graduating in 2019 or 2020 can apply for traineeship positions to pick up industry-related experience and exposure, in preparation for future opportunities.

Empower yourself!Empower Yourself!
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Take charge of your learning and career development:

  • Find your dream job using the MySkillsFuture portal
  • Use the Career Starter Pack to search for jobs, submit winning resumes and ace job interviews
  • Learn continuously, add to your skills and stay relevant

Find out more by clicking on the thumbnail on the left!

Jobs & Internship Links

Careers@GovIf you are interested to work in the Public Service, this site provides the most up-to-date recruitment direct from the source. Companies include the Civil Service and Statutory Boards.
Engine RoomFind a future inside tomorrow’s technology.Discover the engineering advances in Singapore that are changing the way we live.Explore career opportunities in the engineering sector.
glintsPart-time and full-time jobs, internships and externships specially curated for SP students and alumni.
JobsBankDiscover Local Jobs that best fit your personality and interest.
JobsCentralRead up on career-related advice and learn about the employment market.
This online SP Career Portal is jointly provided by Singapore Polytechnic and our partner, JobsCentral Pte Ltd.
GumTreeJust looking for part-time jobs? This site is the one for you.

Other Useful Resources

Job PortalDescription
LinkedInMore companies are hiring through social media and building an online presence through LinkedIn is an excellent way to claim your space. This site also includes industry insights, tips and tricks and inspirational articles.
Practice ReasoningNeed help in aptitude tests and assessments? This site gives an excellent breakdown on the types of tests and how to prepare for them. 

Stories of the SP Graduates who made well-informed decisions and persevere through all odds:

inSPire - The Pathway to Success

inSPire - The First Step

inSPire - Strive With Passion

inSPire - Aspire to Excel

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