Scholarships For University Studies

Many of our graduates have gone on to university after their diploma studies in SP. Students who are keen to research, compare and apply for scholarships are strongly encouraged to register with BrightSparks - Singapore’s top scholarship and higher education portal.

Below is a list of scholarships that SP graduates have successfully clinched over the years:
(This is not an exhaustive listing. It will be updated as and when we receive news from our graduates.)


Join "Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Overseas".

This FB Group is opened only to SP graduates who have studied overseas, or are still studying overseas, or have already been offered a place  to study overseas in the coming academic year. This is where you can get advice from seniors and where you can network and make new friends.

Scholars' Choice

Share your Good News with SP

We are always happy to celebrate the success of our graduates. We hope to inspire current SP students with your success story.