Diploma Student Concession (EZ-Link) Card

All Full-Time matriculated Diploma students from a government or government-aided tertiary institution are eligible to apply for a Diploma Student Concession Card to travel on buses, MRT and LRT.

Newly Enrolled Students (Year 1 & PFP)

For Newly Enrolled Students (Year 1 & PFP)

Step 1: e-Enrolment / Onsite Enrolment Completed

  1. From End March onwards (JAE / EAE / PFP), OR
    Two (2) weeks after completing enrolment (DAE / e-Appeal / Late enrolment)

  2. Check iChat for the email with instructions on concession card application *

* Please check your inbox, spam and junk folders

Step 2: Email Instructions Received

  1. Check for your eligibility via TransitLink website:

  2. If eligible, proceed to make application fee payment via the following channels:

    (a) In Person at TransitLink Ticket Offices
    Bring along the following:
    - SP Student Card
    - NRIC / ICA Student's Pass
    - Cash payment of $8.10

    (b) Online payment via TransitLink website
    Access TransitLink tertiary concession card website below:

    - Enter your personal details
    - Indicate 'Location' as Singapore Polytechnic (Diploma)
    - Make payment online via eNets, Mastercard or Visa *

* Please temporarily disable pop-up blocker to allow payment process

Step 3: Concession Card Collection Email Received

  1. Once payment has been completed, TransitLink will process your concession card

  2. Once card has been printed, it will delivered to SP in 10 working days

  3. Upon receiving, SP will send an email notifying students about the collection venue and details

Step 4: Concession Card Collected

  1. The concession card contains no value, students will need to do an initial top-up of $10 to activate the card

  2. Concession will only take effect upon the commencement of the semester in mid-April

  3. Students will need to purchase the monthly student concession pass to enjoy unlimited rides on MRT, LRT trains and public buses (Express Buses excluded)

  4. More details about concession passes may be found in TransitLink's website:

For current students who did not apply for the concession EZ-Link card in Year 1, please return to Step 2(b). Concession EZ-Link card will be mailed to your indicated residential address once processe.

Alternatively, you may visit any CCROs and bring along your SP Student Card and NRIC for processing on the spot.

If not able to apply, please notify us by writing to contactus@sp.edu.sg and provide your full name, admission number and course so that we may liaise with TransitLink on your concession application.

SP Student Card vs Concession EZ-Link card

The 2 cards that all freshmen will receive upon embarking their diploma journey with us at SP.

While similar, these 2 cards are completely different in functions, please refer to the table below:

SP Student CardStudent Concession (EZ-Link) Card
FaresAdult fareAdult fare
PurposeUsed to tap for entry to campusConcessionary travels on trains and buses if travel pass is purchased
Hotline6496 83001800 2255 663
EnquiriesEmail EZ-LinkOnline Feedback

* Tip *
You are strongly advised to not top-up any value to the SP Student Card, as you will be using the Student Concession (EZ-Link) card for travel purposes

Extend Expiring Concession EZ-Link card

Current Students - Extending Expiring Concession

Step 1: Email details to SP at contactus@sp.edu.sg

  1. Full Name
  2. SP Student Number (p18xxxxx)
  3. Course

Step 2: Student details received

  1. Upon receiving email, SP will forward data to TransitLink for processing of the extension
  2. TransitLink takes between 2 to 4 weeks to process the extension

Step 3: Extension completion notification received

  1. Once TransitLink finished processing the extension, SP will be notifed

  2. SP will send emails to students' iChat with instructions on the process to effect the extended concession


For students who:

  • Did a course transfer and are aware that they will graduate later than initial
  • Failed a module in their final semester and requires to repeat an additional semester

Please notify us of your extension request as soon as these outcomes are made to you so that SP may apply early for your extension.

Loss of Concession EZ-Link Card

Current Students - Loss of Concession EZ-Link Card
If you had misplaced your concession EZ-Link card, you may request for a replacement card via the following methods:

Option 1: Replacement at Concession Card Replacement Offices (CCROs)

  1. Approach CCROs directly and bring along the following:

    - NRIC (SG & PR)
    - ICA Student's Pass / Passport (Int'l Students)- SP Student Card
    - Recently taken passport-szie photo taken against a white colour background
    - Cash payment of $21.10
    - Initial top-up of $10

  2. Receive replacement concession EZ-Link card on the spot

Option 2: Replacement via TransitLink website

  1. Access website above and enter your personal details
  2. Complete replacement request by making payment of $19.10 via eNets / Mastercard / Visa
  3. Once processed, replacement concession EZ-Link card will be mailed to indicated residential address within 5 working days
  4. Once card has been received, activate card by performing an initial top-up of $10 at Auto Top-Up Machines found at various MRT stations

TransitLink Locations & Information

TransitLink Hotline: 1800 2255 663
(8.00 am - 6.00 pm daily, closed on public holidays)
Information on Diploma Student Concession Card
Concession Card Replacement Offices (CCROs)
TransitLink Ticket Offices