Rethinking conventions

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The Course aims to nurture in our graduates creativity and innovativeness. Students will be exposed to design thinking methodologies and techniques as a way to interpret and generate design ideas. They will be provided the knowledge and skills application in areas of critical and analytical thinking skills, design conceptualization and prototyping. The timing of the programme is indicated below and subject to further changes where it is deemed necessary.





Y1/S2 (Last week of vacation break) to Y2/S1 T1

Preparatory Design Studio

5 days (5 x 8 hrs)

7 weeks

Y2/S1 T2

Exploratory Design Thinking Studio I

7 weeks

Y2/S2 T3

Exploratory Design Thinking Studio II

7 weeks

Y2/S2 T4

Exploratory Design Thinking Studio III

7 weeks