Are YOU passionate about architecture? Have you found yourself stopping to admire and guess how skyscrapers, museums and bungalows were designed? Do you have a dream of impacting the way people live, breathe and interact with the spaces they fill? If you do, then unlock your talent here at DARCH, Singapore’s first (and only) full-fledged architecture diploma.

At DARCH, we believe that anyone and everyone can be trained in architecture. Anyone who enters the course will be equipped with the essential skill sets to one day fully realise your ambition of becoming an architect. The unique pedagogy in place will aid in your holistic development into an adaptable, open-minded and motivated individual as well as a team player. From laying your design foundations in the first year, to strengthening your analytical and conceptual thought processes by the third year, DARCH is a design-cum-technological programme that adopts a unique project-based learning approach, to develop you into an investigative design innovator equipped with a knowledge of the latest building technologies.


Course Highlights

1. Hands-on design studio sessions that focus on critical and creative thinking

2. Teaching through design projects, out-of-classroom site visits and sketching 

3. archiLAB, our students-centric agency, provides opportunities for you to
    participate in:

    •  projects with real-life clients (which include MNCs and government agencies)  
    •  workshops with visiting professors from top architectural local and overseas 
    •  local and international competitions

4. Overseas study trips

5. Student exchange programmes (e.g. City University of Hong Kong and SUTD)















URA Award

Kumpulan Scholarship

LOOK Architects Design Award

BCA-Industry Scholarship/Sponsorship

School of Architecture & the Built Environment Scholarship


*Information is accurate as of 19 December 2017


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