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Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) JAE Code: S82



DBIT Student Clinches Bronze Award at the National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards 2017
Clinton Li, a 3rd Year student from the Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT), clinched the bronze award at the Quest Ventures-EDGE National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards 2017.
DBIT Tech Start-Up Launches Mobile App
Livvit secures funding from investors for tech start-up
An eye-opening talk about Data Analytics
DBIT students learn why Big Data Analytics is one of the best career choices they can make
DBIT students learn more about Tableau for Business Intelligence projects
DBIT students brainstorm business ideas with Indonesia university students
DBIT students visit one of the coolest start-ups in Singapore – Carousell App!
5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Our Course
To find out what it’s like in the Social Media Listening Centre (SMLC) and what is so interesting about it.
DBIT students visit one of the biggest co-working spaces in Singapore – The Hub Singapore


The new Social Media Listening Centre allows our students from the Diploma in Business Information Technology (DBIT) to analyze the needs of consumers. Click here to read more.
Clinton Li and Mohd Raihan (from left to right) founded maritime technology company Orama under the SPINOFF entrepreneurship programme. The company has secured initial funding from SPRING Singapore.
Click here to read more.
Chng Siang Sheng, Royston Ong Kang Hao and Suresh Kumar Sarad (from left to right), received $50,000 from the Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES!) for Startups granted by SPRING Singapore to start their New Media Marketing company, Creed Media.
DBIT has allowed me to experiment and develop my skills and knowledge in both business and information technology. Furthermore, the lecturers motivated my peers and I to take part in competitions and work on projects that were meaningful to both society and ourselves.
Mohamed Najulah
Chua Chor Teck Gold Medal
BSc Information Systems, SMU
DBIT allowed me to see the endless possibilities of harnessing IT and business. It also gave me many amazing opportunities, such as when I got the chance to go for overseas attachment at University College London (UCL). The time I have spent in DBIT has been a fruitful and meaningful. I'm glad I made DBIT my first choice!
Chin Si Ying Sally
DBIT graduate 2015,
DBIT Gold Medalist
BSc Information Systems Management, SMU


Why choose Business IT @SP?

Create Business
Success with IT!

In today’s new digital economy, companies find an increasing need to invest in technological capabilities to remain successful in business.


Business Analytics and Social Media Listening play an increasingly important role in helping businesses analyse their performance and devise business strategies. Possessing an entrepreneurial mindset is also crucial to succeed in today’s business world.


DBIT provides you a strong foundation in the areas of Social Media, Business Analytics, Web and Mobile Apps Development, and Technology Entrepreneurship to create business success!


Click the domains' graphic below to find out more:


Social Media

Work with Real Clients


Use Social Media platforms to market a business


Analyse social media buzz and web performance using listening and analytics tools


Gain market insights and provide recommendations to improve business performance

Web and Mobile Apps

Develop innovative applications


Design engaging user interfaces


Develop innovative web and mobile applications


Deploy applications in multiple platforms

Business Analytics

Gain Business Insights Using Data


Communicate with users to understand the business problems they face


Design and develop techniques to retrieve and store data needed to solve business problems


Analyse data and present visualizations and reports


Spin Smart Ideas into Innovative Start-ups


Generate business ideas
Develop a marketing & branding strategy


Build a Minimum Viable Product
Conduct market research
Build a sustainable business model


Pitch to investors
Get funded
SPinOFF your own technology startup



Course Highlights:
  • Four Integrated Approaches to Creating Business Success
    • Social Media
    • Business Analytics
    • Web and Mobile Applications
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Media Listening Centre
    • Listen, analyse, strategise and influence business trends at our new Social Media Learning Centre.


Technology + Entrepreneurship
Do you want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg? DBIT will provide you with the training needed to create the technology business you’ve been dreaming of. Learn to use design thinking tools to uncover business opportunities, learn to write a business plan, experience pitching ideas to Venture Capitalists, learn to market and brand a product. You can also obtain funding to commercialise your innovative product and service!




Industry Certifications, and more

There will be numerous opportunities for overseas programmes such as Study Trips, Immersion Programmes, Internships, Community Projects, and Student Exchange Programmes.


You will also be empowered to take up leadership roles in organizing various enrichment forums, seminars and community projects.


Outstanding students with good academic results, strong leadership potential, and are active in CCA, can look forward to be awarded a scholarship:


Our course also prepares you to acquire these professional certifications which are highly demanded by the industry:

  • Adobe Certified Associate
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)



DBIT is proud to be associated with the following industry leaders: