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The Diploma in Biotechnology (DBT) course provides an inquiry-focus curriculum for bio-enthusiasts who love to learn through self-discovery. The Diploma equips students with current and relevant skills for application in the field of translational and life sciences, research and the bio-pharmaceutical industries through our state-of-the-art training facilities. Students will be given the opportunity and space to develop to their full potential in academic and co-curricular activities. Biotechnology students can look forward to an internship in the biologics and life sciences industry as well as the research laboratories. Some students have the option of conducting research in foreign universities such as Manchester University, Ohio State University, and University of New South Wales. The Biotechnology course prides itself as being hands-on and current. Many of our graduates have pursued further studies in Biological and Life Sciences, Bioengineering, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, at local and overseas universities with advanced standing. Biotechnology graduates are eligible to apply for Medicine and Dentistry in NUS and NTU.


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“My journey in the DBT course was enriching and fulfilling, with many opportunities to explore my interest in the field of biological sciences. Apart from lecture-based learning, the curriculum places great emphasis on hands-on learning experiences; the bioplay framework was implemented successfully to reinforce the value of self-directed learning in each individual. In addition, my internship at A*STAR has enabled me to work alongside other researchers and expanded my horizon. Taken together, these experiences further developed my passion in science and inspired me to continue my learning journey in this exciting field.”


Chuah Yu Song
Biotechnology Course Gold Medallist 2018
Yakult (Singapore) Gold Medal recipient


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