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Five generations of Biotechnology alumni under one Roof

Five generations of SP Biotechnology (DBT) alumni working together with principal investigator, Dr Jonathan Loh conducting research in pluripotent stem cell at the Institute of Molecular & Cell Biology under the A*STAR Agency.

From left, Tan Yong Si (Class of 2009), a NTU Honours Year student; Dr Jonathan Loh (Class of 1997), principal investigator of the laboratory; Goh Hui Tong (Class of 2008), research officer; Delon Toh Cheng Xu, (Class of 2006), a Ph.D student; Tan Tze Kai, a current Year 3 DBT student working on his final year project and Nazreen Bte VM Abdul (Class of 2010 ), a NUS undergraduate working on her third year project.

When asked to comment on how he feels about having different batches of DBT alumni working under one roof, Dr Loh comment was:

"I find DBT alumni hardworking and well-trained for lab work.  With different batches of DBT alumni but a common background, this provides a supportive network with a very strong bond amongst the lab members.  The seniors help the juniors in their learning journey while the juniors look on to the seniors as role models."

What Nazreen has to say when asked on how she feels about working with different batches of DBT alumnus working under one roof and with the principal investigator being a SP biotechnology alumnus as well:

"Working with different DBT alumni just makes me feel at home.  It is nice to know that we all come from the same place which sparked our interest for the life sciences and in research.  We may have gone to different universities but the SP SPIRIT will remain no matter where we head to in the future."


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