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Achieving a no easy feat

Having a research paper published in a scientific journal is no easy feat, much less three research papers! But that's exactly what our Diploma in Biomedical Science alumnus Joshua Yeo Yi (Class of 2017) (pictured in black cap) has achieved!

As an intern with A*STAR, his contribution to the research projects earned him a name as a co-author for three published papers – two of which were published in the reputable Nature Methods journal.

Joshua shares that his passion in research grew during his first year in SP when they were given case-based learning projects.

"Having to come up with many different hypotheses and then eliminate them to arrive at a conclusion was a process I really enjoyed! My internship gave me the opportunity to apply what I have learnt from the practical lessons in SP, as well as pick up other different laboratory techniques. I also had the chance to write, vet and experience the entire process of publishing a research article. In most of the projects and papers, I was involved in performing the scientific experiments."

Joshua will pursue a biomedical degree after his National Service before going back to research.

All the best Joshua! We hope to see more of your research work in the future!

The article was first published on SP Facebook.


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