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DVEMG students collaborate with Mediacorp for CNY Video

13 Feb 2018

Students from the Diploma in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics collaborated with Mediacorp to produce a Chinese New Year music video titled 《恭喜恭喜 》. The music video is currently showing on Channel 8 and Toggle.

Lee Ling Yan and Chan Yan Tong and spent 2 months working on the video, from conceptualization and art direction to post-production editing. Their coursemates, Ng Jia Ching, also worked on the removal of markers in the studio and set extension.

Hear what Ling Yan and Yan Tong had to say about this exciting collaboration with Mediacorp.
"We took this project up thinking that it was small in scale. It was revealed to us later that this was to be a big-scale mentorship program to groom the next generation of producers. It was a real eye-opener as it was our first time handling an actual production in the industry. We completed the music video in spite of having to balance it with our Final Year Project.

We picked up many principles and technical skills in the different stages of production. During pre-production, we planned many things ahead of time with the help of our senior, Chew Keng Hao. On production day, our juniors, Leo Ting Iee Ian Robbie and Muhammadul Baqir Bin Abdullah Alsagoff, were there to help us. As there were many things to do during post-production, we decided to rope in our coursemate, Ng Jia Ching, to help us with the set extension.

We were satisfied with the final video despite having to make countless adjustments. We would not have been able to complete the music video without the help of our lecturers and coursemates!"



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