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SP Alumni School Representatives

Have you lost touch with your schools since you graduated from Singapore Polytechnic? Do you want to find out more about the new courses in your school? You can stay in touch with Singapore Polytechnic by contacting the various SP Alumni School Representatives below.


Activities like homecoming dinners and personal development talks are organised for alumni to meet up with each other and renew ties with their former lecturers. Fun and exciting enrichment workshops are also conducted for alumni and their families.

School Contact Person Email Telephone Website
Business Ching-Chan Yee Teng CHING-CHAN_yee_teng@sp.edu.sg 6772 1858 SB Alumni
Architecture and the  Built Environment

Lee Keng Keng


6772 1194 ABE Alumni
Chemical and Life Sciences Ho Chee Kong ho_chee_kong@sp.edu.sg 6870 6183 CLS Alumni
Communication, Arts and Social Sciences Debra Ng Debra_NG@sp.edu.sg 6879 0331 CASS Alumni
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Roger Chiun Koon Yong rchiun@sp.edu.sg 6879 0616 EEE Alumni
Digital Media and Infocomm Technology Leon Chua leon_CHUA@sp.edu.sg 6772 1962 DMIT Alumni
Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering Hendra hendra@sp.edu.sg 6772 1587 MAE Alumni
Singapore Maritime Academy Karen Ang karen_ang@sp.edu.sg 6870 6173 SMA Alumni
Design Leslie Neo leslie_NEO@sp.edu.sg 6870 8345 Design Alumni
Mathematics and Science Babulakshmanan Ramachandran ram@sp.edu.sg 6772 1201 MS Alumni
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Contact Alumni School Reps to find out what's been happening in your school!