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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between JC and Poly?

Poly JC
Diploma courses offer training for industry with emphasis on hands-on experience through projects and internships. Broad-based academic subjects
The 3-year diploma courses comprise about 40 bite-sized modules which build upon one another. Goes very deep into a few subjects
Curriculum is developed by each poly. Similar sounding diploma programmes across polys may have similar learning objectives but the actual curriculum could be different. Curriculum is centrally developed by MOE
Polys use the Grade Point Average (GPA) which is the culmination of grades of all the modules done in poly. So consistency of performance is important. The ‘A’ level exam would represent the academic ability throughout JC regardless of the student’s academic performance prior to the ‘A’ level exam.

How do I decide whether my child should go for the JC route or the Poly route?

Areas to note Suggested approach
Passion, interest and strength in an area/s Passion: If you can discover what your child’s passion is, he will naturally do well because he is motivated.
Strength: What were his strong subjects in secondary school?
Interest: Ask your child for his area of interest and determine whether his understanding of it is superficial. Explain to him the reality of the particular industry which he may be interested in.
Personal learning preference Does he prefer to learn by being hands-on? Or does he prefer the academic way of learning?
Long-term career goals If your child is clear about a career and very motivated by it, that means that he may be ready to pursue a diploma in that area. But if your child is unsure about what to do, then the JC route might be an option for your child.
Advice from others Encourage your child to talk to their seniors who have gone to poly and JC to understand what it is really like.