About Graduation

In 2018, SP will be celebrating her 58th Graduation Ceremony.  We look forward to meeting you and your guests at the Graduation Ceremony in May 2018!  The ceremony for Part-time Diploma and Advanced Diploma, Specialist Diploma and Diploma (Conversion) will be held on 4 May 2018.

For graduating students who may require official document for employment or further education purposes before Graduation Ceremony, please note the estimated collection timeline.

Collection Timeline

i) Completion Letter: 3 days after the release of semester results
ii) Official Transcript: 2 weeks after the release of semester results
iii) Diploma certificate: during official Graduation Ceremony day or from SP PACE Academy 2 months after the release of semester results

If you have any questions regarding these changes or concerning the certificate/transcript collection dates, you can email

You can refer to the Graduation Booklet for important dates and graduation gown information.

What to expect on the day of your Ceremony

If you are attending the Graduation Ceremony, the following information will be useful. Where applicable, please advise your guests accordingly. Thank you.

The SP Convention Centre (SPCC)

How to get there and parking facilities

  • • The SPCC is located next to the Dover MRT Station.
  • • As parking facilities in the SP campus are limited, graduands and guests are strongly advised to come by public transport.
  • • You may choose to come by:
    •    • MRT- take the MRT and alight at Dover MRT Station (EW10), or
    •    • Bus - take service no. 14, 74, 105, 106, 147, 166 or 185, and alight at the Dover MRT Station bus stop
  • • Graduands and guests who drive are advised to enter by Gate 8, along Commonwealth Avenue West.

Admission into the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre (SPCC)

  • • Admission into the SP Convention Centre is strictly by admission ticket and invitation card only.
  • • Graduands and guests who are feeling unwell, or with temperatures of 38oC and above, are advised to stay at home.
  • • The doors to the SP Convention Centre will be opened 1 hour before the ceremony.
  • • Graduands who have indicated their intention to attend the graduation ceremony will be sent a Graduation Package about 1.5 to 2 weeks before the Graduation Ceremony. The package will contain an admission ticket (for the graduand) and two invitation cards (for graduand's guests).
  • • Graduates may invite up to 2 guests to attend their graduation.
  • • Children below seven years old will not be allowed into the SPCC.

Robing of Graduation Attire

  • • All graduands attending the ceremony have to wear the SP graduation attire.
  • •Robing may be done at the level 2 foyer of the SPCC (SP Convention Centre).
  • •Graduands should put on their graduation gowns before going to their assigned seats inside the SPCC Hall.

Seating Time

  • • Graduands and guests are requested to be seated 45 mins before the official starting time of the ceremony.
  • • During this period, a series of specially prepared videos will be screened in the SP Convention Centre.
  • • The doors to the SP Convention Centre will be closed after the ceremony has officially started.

Seating Arrangements for Graduands and Guests

  • • Graduands and guests will be seated in separate seating blocks.
  • • Graduands will be assigned seat numbers and must be seated in their allocated seats.
  • • Guests will not be given any seat numbers and may be seated in the areas as directed by the ushers. Seating will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • • The seating capacity in the SP Convention Centre is limited.

Ceremony: Programme & Proceedings

The proceedings for the ceremony will be as follows:

  • • Academic Procession
  • • National Anthem
  • • Opening of Session by Master of Ceremony
  • • Graduation Address by Guest-of-Honour
  • • Presentation of Certificates and Diplomas
  • • Presentation of Prizes and Awards
  • • Valedictory Speech by Graduate Speaker
  • • Closing of Ceremony
  • • Reception

Presentation of Diploma/Certificates to Graduands on Stage

  • • When it is your turn to be present on stage, the ushers will prompt you to join the queue.
  • • Before joining the queue, you must have your admission ticket and NRIC (or 11B or passport) ready in the pocket of your graduation gown/pocket.
  • • Please follow the ushers' instructions and refrain from talking when queueing.
  • • When you are on stage, pass your admission ticket to the person-in-charge. Then stand at the line and wait for your name to be announced.
  • • As your name is announced, walk across the stage smartly and shake hands with the Director. Do not run across the stage.
  • • As you are presented with your scroll box, your photograph will be taken by official photographers engaged by the SP.
  • • After receiving your scroll box, walk down from the stage.
  • • As you leave the stage, a photo-order card printed with an image number will be handled to you. Do not lose this card as you will need the card number to place order for your photographs after the Graduation Ceremony.

Collection of Diploma/Certificates, Academic Transcript and Prizes (if any)

  • • After leaving the stage, you will be directed by marshals to the diploma collection area to collect your diploma/ certificate, academic transcript and prizes (if any).
  • • At the diploma collection area, you will be asked to produce your NRIC (or passport or 11B). Diploma/ certificates, academic transcripts and prizes will not be issued without proof of identity.
  • • After collecting your diploma/ certificate, academic transcript and prizes, please return to your seats inside the SP Convention Centre.


  • • Please check that you have been issued with the correct diploma/ certificate, academic transcript and prizes before leaving the diploma collection area.
  • • If there are any errors, please report it immediately to the staff on duty at the diploma collection centre or call the PACE Office at 6772 1288 after the Graduation Ceremony.

Tea Reception (after the Ceremony)

  • • All graduands and guests will be invited to join a mass tea reception at the Plaza Area after the ceremony.
  • • Enjoy mingling and catching up with your friends and lecturers at the tea reception!

Graduation Photo Orders

  • • All graduands may place their orders for their graduation photos at the photographer's booth outside SP Convention Centre after the ceremony.
  • • The instructions for the ordering of the photo will be provided on graduation day.
  • • For enquiries regarding the photo order, please contact Danny Chong at 6351-1777 or 9819-6957.

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