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March 2016

SP students behind biochip that speeds up detection of deadly viruses

Article featured SP’s Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DEEE) students, Leong Guang Hao and Pavan Singh Gill, who developed an advanced disposable biochip that can potentially speed up the detection of deadly viruses such as Ebola, SARS and HIV. This innovation, done in collaboration with SP’s Centre for Biomedical and Life Sciences and the Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology, will mean that the equipment needed to diagnose these viruses will also be far more portable — from big machines to a chip smaller than the palm of a human hand. Pavan and Guang Hao worked on the chip for six months under the joint Polytechnic Student Research Programme, and their project was among 10 that received the best project award. The programme aims to expose students to future career possibilities in research and development while working with different institutions such as the National University of Singapore and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR). Mr Philip Lim Feng, CEO of Exploit Technologies at A*STAR, opined that it is important for polytechnic students to be exposed to research, and that he hopes the students will be inspired by the research and its processes. A similar news clip in Channel News Asia mentioned a team of RP students who developed a high resolution micro camera that allows airline security staff to screen meal carts without physical strain. []


February 2016

January 2016

SP students design improvements to Boeing planes

Article mentioned that six SP students have developed inflight solutions that have been patented by Boeing, whose designs will be part of a suite of fittings for new Boeing plane models in the future. For their solutions, the students received the Boeing Patent Awards at the opening of SP’s AeroHub. SP’s Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering graduate, Elston Cheah, opined that he feels honoured to have received recognition for his role in developing one of the inflight solutions. The article also mentioned that the new AeroHub is designed to simulate a hangar and will feature new facilities aimed at encouraging students from multiple disciplines to work together, especially those in the Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (DARE) and the Diploma in Aerospace Electronics (DASE). Course Chair for DARE Mr Liew Hui Sing opined that the AeroHub provides work spaces where each specialisation can come together and combine their technology and development, which answers to the call of industrial standards and allows for integration of learning. Parliamentary Secretary for Education and Trade and Industry Low Yen Ling, who was also present at the opening ceremony, opined that multidisciplinary projects are also opening up more opportunities for SP students to develop very practical solutions for real-world problems. The video clip shows the demonstration of the projects by the SP students as well as some of the facilities in the AeroHub. Similar story was reported in Channel 5 News and Channel 8 News. [Channel News Asia]