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March 2015

3 more polys enhance internship programmes

More polytechnics are ramping up efforts this year to prepare students for the working world as part of a national push to boost skills. Students on the revamped internships will be attached to a workplace mentor, who will guide them and monitor their progress. Most poly students will give up at least four weeks of their holidays each year, out of 16 weeks, to go on these longer stints. Starting this month, SP's final-year Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science students will go on internships of either three or 10 1/2 months, up from the current six weeks. Of the 40 students taking the course, 25 have chosen the longer stint, while the rest opted for three months. At the same time, forty SP students from the Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business course will start their enhanced internships this month in eight companies including Samwoh Corporation. Ms Low Bee Lee, perfumery and cosmetic science course chair and Mr Dennis Goh, deputy director of SP's school of architecture and the built environment, opined on how the enhanced internship will benefit students. Dr Ho Nyok Yong, chief operating officer of Samwoh also opined on the benefits of enhanced internships and how the industry is working closely with the educational institutions to retain manpower. Article mentioned that enhanced internships for SP’s Diploma in Food Science and Technology course will begin in April next year. A total of 750 students from TP and NP’s biotechnology, veterinary technology, pharmaceutical science and marine and offshore technology courses will also begin their enhanced internship soon. [The Straits Times, pB14]


February 2015

January 2015

Niche courses at polys a draw for students

More than 30,000 students took the O-level exams last year and will be receiving their results on 13 Jan. The second of a five-part daily series featured the niche courses at some polys and why some students are still opting for the Junior College route. SP’s Diploma in Biomedical Science student, Ms Tan Fong Xin, shared why she changed her mind on going to a JC. Ms Tan joined SP as she was attracted to the hands-on type of learning and unique learning opportunities available. She has gone on a research stint at Harvard University, volunteers actively and has a perfect grade point average of 4. Ms Tan, who hopes to study medicine at a local university, also shared how more poly students are going to university as the polytechnic education has prepared them well for further studies. SP’s principal, Mr Tan Choon Shian, opined that more students are joining a poly as more university places and pathways in the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and SIM University (UniSIM) have opened up for polytechnic upgraders. Mr Tan also shared how SIT’s and UniSIM’s niche degrees and the applied learning teaching style which combines work and study, are more suitable for polytechnic students. A TP veterinary technology student was featured in the article. New IT courses at NP, RP and TP along with their respective niche courses were mentioned in the article. Students who opted to go to a Junior College also shared how they preferred the academic approach and the shorter time taken to go into a university. [The Sunday Times, pB14-15]