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Financial Assistance Schemes for Notebook PC

Notebook Financial Assistance Schemes AY 2017

Students may apply for an appropriate scheme listed below:

  1. Notebook Subsidy
  2. IMDA NEU PC Plus Programme

± Notebook Subsidy

Application Period:16 October - 8 December 2017 (Closed)

The one-time notebook subsidy is intended to help new students offset some of the cost of notebook PC purchase. 1st Year students who have bought a notebook PC in the year of enrolment may apply for this subsidy. PFP students may choose to apply for this subsidy either in their PFP year or 1st year of their diploma course. This award is given on a reimbursement basis.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singaporeans
  2. PFP / Full-Time Diploma students in 1st Year of study
  3. Gross monthly household per capita income (PCI*) of $1,000 and below OR
    Gross household income of $4,000 and below
  4. Not received this subsidy before
  5. Applied for a bursary in SP (CDC-CCC Bursary/MOE Bursary) this academic year
Notebook Subsidy
$1,000 and below
$4,000 and below
Up to $800

Application Procedures

  1. Submit the completed Application Form together with the original AND photocopy of the receipt of the purchased notebook / tablet to:

    - Student Service Centre (T16, Level 1), 8.00am - 5.30pm
  2. The reimbursed funds will be credited into the GIRO account as showed in the Student Portal, 2 months after application closes. If there is no GIRO account, it will be issued in a cheque and banked in to the bank account stated on your application form.
  3. May apply together with SP-Administered Bursaries

PFP students may only apply in November 2017 when the application period for MOE Bursary is opened.  

For any further enquires, please contact us at 6775 1133.

± IMDA Neu PC Plus Programme

Application Period : 3 April - 5 May 2017 (Closed)

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Singaporean/ Singapore PR
  2. Full-time Diploma student (aged 25 and below) or has a permanent disability.
  3. Gross monthly household income must not exceed $3,400 or per capita income must not exceed $900 ($1,125 if there is a permanently disabled household member).
  4. Past recipient of a PC-Bundle under the Neu PC Plus Programme may reapply only after a lapse of 3 years from last deployment to the household.

 Application Procedures

  1. Application-to-delivery could take up to 3 months
  2. Payment to be made to vendor directly upon delivery
  3. Please refer to IMDA website for application form and more details
  4. Applicants who apply for this scheme after the SP application dates need to mail their documents to the relevant Lead Agency (see details in the application form) on their own

Configure your laptop (diploma-required software can be installed at no charge).

Please read the document attached below before applying for the IMDA scheme (IMDA Notebook Computer SP Courses Comparability List 2017).

Please refer to IMDA's website for more information.

Students who bought an IMDA funded notebook can apply for Notebook Subsidy if they are eligible (see info above).