Certificate in Digital Film (CDF)

Entry Requirements


Our Certificate in Digital Film (CDF) is offered to students of the Diploma in Media & Communication, Diploma in Creative Writing for TV & New Media and other relevant courses. This is part of an SPwide initiative to provide a flexible learning system for students who are able to cope with their diploma course and at the same time pursue an additional qualification. CDF aims to provide students with opportunities to understand and experience key aspects of the creative processes in film such as scripting and directing. The course comprises of four modules and will be conducted over three semesters.

Applicants must have passed Year 1 of their course satisfactorily. Their grade for relevant video production module(s) will be taken into consideration. Applicants may also be required to attend an interview where their suitability for the programme will be assessed.


Contact Mr Tan Bee Thiam at 
6870 8336 or email him at Tan_Bee_Thiam@sp.edu.sg