Certificate in Digital Film (CDF)

What You'll Study

The CDF consists of four modules:
Module Code Module Name Total Hours
SC7251 History of Film 30
SC7252 Scriptwriting for Film 30
SC7253 Directing for Film 60
SC7254 Project 60
SC7251 History of Film
This module examines the history of film. It aims to give students a broad understanding of the social, political, economic and technological influences affecting film and the film industry. It will also explore the relevance of these factors to the Singaporean context.
SC7252 Scriptwriting for Film
This module introduces screenwriting as a distinctive media platform that requires a different set of skills and techniques, in terms of storytelling, scriptwriting format and the business of movie-making.
SC7253 Directing for Film
This module highlights the role of the director in the filmmaking process. Students will learn the finer points of directing in terms of interpreting a script, storyboarding, casting, directing actors, camera shots, camera movements, blocking a scene and cinematography.
SC7254 Project
This module is aimed at giving students a hands-on experience of the film production process. It develops in students the necessary critical and independent learning abilities through the conceptualisation, scripting, casting, directing, filming and editing of a short film.


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