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'Diabetic-friendly' noodles developed to encourage healthier eating

SP’s Food Innovation and Research Centre (FIRC) and the Health Promotion Board (HPB) collaborated on two new noodle prototypes with a lower glycemic index. The first protoype was yellow noodles made with beta-glucan – an ingredient found in oats and barley and has been shown to be beneficial for the heart, cholesterol and blood glucose. The second prototype was rice noodles made with a resistant starch, which has been found to slow down the release of sugar in blood and contribute to good gut health!

Inspired by grandfather to sail the seas

Muhammad Hadi Rifaie Zulkifli, a Diploma in Nautical Studies student at SP, was selected as a recipient of the MaritimeONE scholarship recently! He shared that the time spent with his grandfather has played a major role in shaping his interests in the maritime industry. He hopes to receive a Certificate of Competency (COC) Class 1 which will allow him to be a ship captain after graduating from his diploma.

MOE honors 163 students for innovation, resilience

SP student Raynard Chai received the Lee Hsien Loong Interactive Digital Media Smart Nation Award for developing the prototype "Bus, STOP". Read to find out more about his project.

Saying it with thumbprints

A record-breaking 3m by 6m thumbprint art work was done by 300 students from SP’s Business School! The student-run fund-raising event organised by Lee Zhi Yu, Ruqoyah Mazlan and Abdul Matin raised over $5,000 through the sale of specially designed T-shirts at $10 each. Proceeds will go to Beyond Social Services (BSS), a charity organisation that helps less-privileged youth and children.

From struggling students to top NTU graduates

Hoong Seng Kang, an alumnus from SP's School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and former ITE student, graduated with First Class Honours from NTU this year. Now, he is working at a multinational technology firm Micron Technology. Read on to find out his journey from a struggling student in primary school to one of the top NTU graduates.

Chasing dreams

Hussain Fathah, who graduated from SP’s Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business and was from the first batch of PFP students has recently received a Housing and Development Board (HDB) scholarship. Find out more here.

He's got IT made

From SP’s Diploma in Information Technology course to partner technology manager at Google Asia Pacific. Find out how Chang Xiao Ran made it there.

Youngest lab head among NHG's Young Achiever Award winners

SP’s Diploma in Biomedical Science alumna Serene Kho was among the ten NHG Young Achiever Award winners. Two years ago, she became the youngest head of laboratory at National Healthcare Group Diagnostics (NHGD) at the age of 30. She oversees a team of 25, all older than her. Click to find out more about her achievements.

Parents support enabled his success

Muhammad Khairul Anwar Jamil recently graduated with first class honours at NUS and shared why he decided to enter SP after taking his A levels and completing National Service. Find out more about how he has achieved academic success here.

Female seafarer works non-stop for six months

SP’s Diploma in Marine Engineering alumna Tan Hui Xian is now working as the 4th engineer at home-grown shipping line Pacific International Lines. She finds herself as the only female seafarer on most ships. Despite the long hours and setbacks, Hui Xian shared that her job is a ‘childhood dream come true’. Find out more here.

Opening a new path for students

SP's Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business student Royston Koh shared how the EAE(I) gave him an alternative pathway to enter SP and pursue the course that he is passionate about despite his average grades.

Poly students with a passion

SP’s Diploma in Music & Audio Technology student Axel Teoh shared how the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) afforded him a pathway for him to pursue his passion in music.

Early Admissions Exercise

SP’s Diploma in Music & Audio Technology student Axel Teoh shared about his motivations behind enrolling into SP via the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) to pursue his passion in music.

From street fighter to top S'pore Poly graduate

Diploma in Integrated Events and Project Management graduate Muhammad Alfiz Kambali went from teenage delinquent to top student at SP, with the help of his lecturers and friends. Find out here.

Individuals should take charge of own learning journey: Iswaran

Sheikh Harun Mohammad Rafik, made a mid-career switch and sought relevant upgrading through SP PACE Academy’s Diploma (Conversion) in Shipping and Marine Offshore. Find out how life-long learning is making a difference for individuals like Sheikh.

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