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Photo of CaiJin

Huang CaiJin

Student at NUS
Class of 2006

DARCH, Singapore Polytechnic, School of ABE


Caijin is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture in National University of Singapore (NUS) and will graduate in 2010. She graduated with a Diploma in Architecture in 2006 from Singapore Polytechnic, and Bachelor of Architecture in 2009 from NUS.


She looks forward to graduating and working with an architectural firm interested on Sustainability and Zero-energy building.



Achievements and Awards

- Awarded honorable mention for ICI Dulux all “a community for all”, Mural Design & Painting Competition 2003(Finalist) 03/12/2003

- Awarded academic achievement prize award for ay 2004/2005 in the second year of Diploma of Architecture course, Singapore Polytechnic.

- Awarded Diploma in Architecture in 2006

- Gained direct entry to 2nd year Master Degree in Architecture in National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2006.

- Awarded prize for most creative ideas, sound sculpture, in 2006

- Awarded International Honorable Mention, Lifecycle building challenge 3, 2009