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Elderflower Tea

The Elderflower tea is the result of a final year student project that was undertaken by a group of three students in May 2007 - Development of an Exotic Herbal Tea.

The objective of the project was to develop a drink that is exotic, not available in the market and with functional properties. The students first carried out a market survey. They found that the varieties of ready to drink floral tea beverage available in the market were limited and traditional. There was no ready-to-drink elderflower tea in the market. They had also noticed that the elderflower flavour is popular in candies which are well liked by teenagers. As a result, the group mooted the idea of working on elderflower tea.

The floral tea, which is brewed from elderflowers and Darjeeling tea, has no colouring or preservative and has been certified Healthier Choice by the Health Promotion Board. The Elderflower is benefical for one's respiratory tract and circulatory system. It is also a traditional remedy for colds and fever.

The product was successfully launched on 18 Nov 2008, manufactured by Pokka Corporation (S) Limited.