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Inulin-infused Chocolates

Chocolate is one of the most preferred and craved foods today. Unfortunately, many consumers perceived it as an unhealthy food, even if it is produced with a lower fat content. However, this perception could possibly change if inulin, a health promoting food ingredient is incorporated into chocolates. Inulin is a soluble dietary fibre found in many foods such as wheat, asparagus, bananas and garlic. There is scientific evidence to show that inulin can promote the growth of good bacteria and suppress the bad ones in the human guts. The promotion of good bacteria can help minimise irritable bowel problems and reduce the risks of colon cancer.

The inulin-infused chocolates developed by three students from the Diploma of Chemical Process Technology (Food Tech) course look and taste like any pralines (chocolates). Their research work also indicates that there is a possibility of creating a niche market for inulin-infused chocolates. Based on a statistical preference test conducted on 28 taste panelists, 50% of the respondents indicated their preference for inulin-infused chocolates to normal ones.