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Rainbow Rice

Are you craving for rice product but yet worried about the carbohydrate intake? We ease your worries.

Over here at Singapore Polytechnic, three students from the Food Technology course, supported by Highlanders International Pte Ltd, have developed a scrumptious, colourful multi-grains Rainbow Rice that is enhanced with nutrients and dietary fibre.

Recognising the growing health trend of the current consumer market and increasing popularity of traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) in the diet, the students took six months to develop the Rainbow Rice. The end result of the students' tremendous R&D effort was the development of a colourful rice based product that consist of a mixture of different grains to achieve a homogenous nutritious and yet yummy rice product.

Rainbow Rice is developed based on the Five Colour Principle described in TCM. The five colours (red, green, white, yellow and black) are said to affect the five important organs in the human constituent (heart, liver, lung, spleen and kidney). Therefore, eating food from various colours will provide one with a balanced diet and ample nutrients for one's needs. The Rainbow Rice developed uses multi-grains and is more tasty and fragrant than plain brown rice. It is rich in protein and dietary fibre but low in sodium, making it an ideal healthy food product for the health conscious individual of all ages. Rainbow rice is 100% natural, vegetarian and has no added preservatives. This product has won the Grand Award at the Singapore Food Manufacturer Association's Food Concept Competition in 2007 and has since been endorsed by HPB as a healthier food choice.

Rainbow rice is currently available at some local Chinese medicinal outlets and major supermarkets. In addition, the product has also gained popularity in Taiwan, where it has been sold at major retail outlets such as Sogo and Taipei 101.