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Shiitake Sausages

Three students from the School of Chemical & Life Sciences teamed up with 30-year old local veteran Lap Cheong manufacturer, Golden Glory, in a 8-month collaboration to produce high-fibre Chinese sausages - something unheard of in the food industry.

The Shiitake Mushroom High Fibre Chinese Sausage contains 6% dietary fibre and reduced total fat content of about 22% compared to traditional formulations which have 40% total fat content.

The newly-created Shiitake Lap Cheong tastes like the real deal with no unpleasantness associated with some high-fibre products. And with added Japanese shiitake mushrooms, the flavour and texture is even more unique.

This is the second time that SP has collaborated with Golden Glory to develop and market healthy sausages. It is expected that 20,000 boxes of the high-fibre sausages would be produced for the Chinese New Year market.

The product was successfully launched on 14 Dec 2007, manufactured by Golden Glory Food Industries.