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Singapore Salad Sauce

Are you looking for a truly Singaporean condiment?

Look no further, as over here at Singapore Polytechnic, a truly Singapore-made condiment has been developed by our students together with our industry partners RevoPack Pte Ltd and Fountainhead Manufacturing Pte Ltd. Three of our food technology students have successfully developed the Singapore Salad Sauce through the combination of various spices obtained from the region.

Through the tremendous effort of the students, these sauces are available in various truly authentic local flavours that are suitable for serving with meat and seafood-based salads (Spicy & Fusion salad sauce) or with vegetables and noodles (Sour & Spicy fusion salad dressing). It took the students five months to fine-tune the formulation for the sauces.

These unique sauces have been halal-certified and can be enjoyed by Singapore's multi-racial population. The sauces comes in trendy packaging that are shelf-stable, making them a great product for both tourists and Singaporeans living abroad with cravings for a truly authentic Singapore flavoured sauce.

These great products are available for purchase at Vantage Gourmet's Singapore Premium Food Gift Boutique Café at Changi Airport and Kerry Ingredients (S) Pte Ltd.