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Singapore Polytechnic, SP, turns 60 in 2014. Amidst the celebration and fanfare, it would be opportune for a special memorabilia to be created to commemorate the anniversary. The memorabilia represents the uniqueness of the one and only SP Experience.

Singapore Maritme Academy (SMA) in collaboration with the School of Chemical & Life Sciences (CLS) proposed the creation of SPLASH, SP’s very own SP@60 perfume. SPLASH perfumes are available in 30mL and 3mL miniatures. SPLASH perfumes will be given away during the anniversary celebrations. The little souvenirs will also serve as a simple token of gratitude to stakeholders and collaborators for the part they play in their support of the learning experience at SP.

Three CLS students from the Diploma in Perfumery & Cosmetic Science course were involved in the creation of the fragrance in their final year project. A number of fragrance variations were concocted. From a poll of a hundred survey respondents, SPLASH is the most popular and well received, surpassing even a commercial and well established fragrance used as a benchmark.

SPLASH is a unisex fragrance. The scent encapsulates the essence of the oceanic wonders that thrive and are sustained in a beautiful maritime ecosystem. It is fresh, marine and ozonic. Have a whiff …does it remind you of somewhere beyond the sea?