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SP Noodles

The unique and novel idea of SP noodle is the creation of the 2-ply or multi-ply noodle incorporating different flavour, aroma, texture and visual attraction to the consumer.

SP noodles are created for the joyous celebration of the Singapore Polytechnic 50th anniversary. Three types of SP noodles having the combination of Spinach / Paprika, Sesame / Pandan and Soy / Pumpkin were developed.

The SP noodles were created and perfected by our Food option final year students at the School of Chemical & Life Sciences.

The students assisted in the testing of different natural and extracts of vegetables. The concentration and delivery systems of the extracts were optimised based on the types and processes involved. Textural profile and colour stability tests were evaluated with the texture analyser and colourmeter respectively.

The ingredients used in the SP noodles come only from natural and extracts of vegetable origin. Spices are natural from selected sources and all other ingredients are permitted food additives. No artificial preservative and flavouring are used.

The product has won the SIFST Food Product Award, Innovation 2005-2007. It has also been given the seal of approval by the Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice food. Products approved to carry the Healthier Choice Symbol (HCS) are lower in fat and sodium and are higher in dietary fibre, as compared to similar regular products.

An MOU has been signed with Kwong Seng International on 21 February 2005 and this led to the registration of a new trademark: oodles"