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School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering » Courses » Diploma-Plus » Certificate in Power Engineering Practices

What You Will Study

The course comprises three modules and will be conducted over three semesters:

Module Code Module Name Period Total Hours


Module 1: Planning and Design of Power Distribution System

This module explores the common standards, practices and operational framework in the planning and design of Power Distribution System. The optimal selection of the system components will also be explored.

The following skills are covered

  • Substation layout design and planning.
  • Commercial/industrial electrical distribution system design and planning.
  • Switchgear/cable/transformer sizing and selection.
  • Protection scheme and relays selection and setting
  • Electrical distribution system design standards and practices.
  • Electricity application procedures.

Year 2
 Sem 2



Module 2: Commissioning and Testing of Power Distribution System         

This module teaches the standard commissioning and maintenance tests required for Power Distribution System. The testing standards, equipment to be used and test procedures will also be covered.         

The following skills are covered                 

  • Standard tests (SI/PI/HV/Insulation Resistance/Earth Resistance/Transformer Ratio & Vector Group) testing equipment.           
  • Standard tests (SI/PI/HV/Insulation Resistance/Earth Resistance/Transformer Ratio & Vector Group) testing procedures.           
  • Protection relays testing and setting.           
  • Electrical testing standards required by Authorities and standard test forms.

Year 3
 Sem 1



Module 3: Safe Operation and Maintenance of Power Distribution System Equipment

This module emphasizes on the safe operation and maintenance aspects for Power Distribution System. The following topics will be covered.

The following skills are covered

  • Electrical safety requirements from EMA and MOM.
  • Electrical turn-on/shut-down/fault attending procedures.
  • Electrical equipment safe operation and maintenance standards.
  • Electrical accidents case studies.
  • First aid for electrical accidents.

Year 3
 Sem 2


Total Hours  150