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Vincent Zhang Yunsen



I have been working with OCBC Bank (Payment & E-Banking Operation, Group O&T) since 2011 as a Bank Officer. I was attached to the same section during my internship with OCBC.

Currently, I’m participating in a department wide project

Awards achieved

EXSA, Sliver in 2013

Monthly Individual Award, Group O&T, OCBC Bank (Nov 2013)

EXSA, Star in 2014

Contributed and Implemented more than 20 Process Improvement / Innovation ideas to increase the productivity and achieve better work-life balance.

Further education

I have completed my Bachelor Degree in Aug 2014 from SIM - RMIT Part - Time program

Currently, I’m preparing for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, Level 1.

Secrets to my academic success

  • Try to read your notes before you go to school;
  • Try to finish the tutorial questions if you can;
  • Ask your friends to test your knowledge during your study week before the exam
  • Understand the subject, not just remember it. You will benefit from it sooner or later.
  • Involvement in CCA. I was a member of SP Adventurers Club

Lecturers I remember

This is a very tough question of which lecturers I remember fondly:) All the lecturers I have met are fantastic. However, things I have learnt from the following 2 lecturers impacted me the most:

Ms.Linda Liew:

Linda was the tutor for module (Deal Processing and Settlement Flow). She introduced the world of SWIFT to us and shared with us her personal experience in operations.

I got to know from her that working in operation is not boring at all. You have to take every single opportunity to learn, ask yourself why you need to do this, what are the consequences if you skip it, is there any better way to settle the issue?

Mr Alvin Tang:

Alvin was the tutor for module: Java Programming. He is a very nice and friendly lecturer.

In class, he constantly encouraged us to explore. After class, he was willing to spend additional time (hours) to discuss coding with us. The coding I am talking about here is not just Java, but HTML, JSP, C++ and mobile apps language.... Anything, he will find you an answer!

Advice for SB’s current and future students?

  • Train / master your time management skill;
  • Have a plan and execute it accordingly;
  • Study hard to understand yourself more;
  • Enjoy the time that you are going to spend with your classmates, because you will miss it very much.

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