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What You Will Study

Synopses of Modules

Sources of Law and Legal Proceedings
  1. History and aspects of International Law
  2. Sources of Singapore Maritime Law and Administration
  3. Admiralty Jurisdiction
  4. Marine Insurance Law
  5. Liens
  6. Maritime Claims and their Enforcement

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Admiralty Law and Practice
  1. Ship Ownership and Registration
  2. Collision Law
  3. Charter Parties and Bills of Lading
  4. International Ship Arrests
  5. General Average, Salvage and Towage
  6. International Conventions
  7. Law of the Sea

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Dispute Resolution
  1. Shipping Disputes and Civil Jurisdictions
  2. Maritime Arbitration
  3. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  4. Litigation
  5. Awards and Enforcement of Awards

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With the great diversity and experience of our teaching staff in various fields plus our state-of-the-art facilities, you can expect to set sail on an enriching journey at SMA.