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DAC Career talk with EY and ACCA

On 18 November 2015, EY and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) came to Singapore Polytechnic to give us a talk and network with the students.

Mr Sam Lo, Partner of Assurance 23 in EY, shared his experiences on how he started his career with EY many years ago. He also explained the history of the company and the different platforms in EY to help the employees grow. He shared on how EY provides benefits for their employees pursuing a professional qualification while working part time. Such benefits include reimbursement of exam fees and an incentive award of $1,000 for each level of completion at the first attempt. EY also gives a completion bonus of $3,000 upon the successful completion of the qualification program. There is also no bond and students are given paid exam leave and study leave to prepare for their exams. This highlights how much EY cares about its employees, so much so that its employees can further their education while working in the company, advocating the idea of lifelong learning.

Mr Sam sharing on how EY develops their employees

Next up was a sharing by a former DAC student, Mr Hendri Lee. He shared with us his personal experience of joining EY upon graduation from SP and the support EY provided him with so that he could attain his ACCA qualification. Being a senior who has been through the DAC journey, his sharing felt more personal and close to home.

Ms Sylvia Ong, manager of learning and student development in ACCA, gave an introduction of ACCA and how it has close to 500,000 students worldwide. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that there are over 10,000 ACCA qualification holders here in Singapore and some of them hold senior and executive positions in public companies and government organisations.
She also explained to us the ACCA path in which there are 9 papers (F1 to F9) to achieve the ACCA Fundamentals Qualifications. After achieving the Fundamentals Qualifications, they can continue to the ACCA Professional Qualification which includes papers on Corporate Reporting, Business Analysis to Advanced Taxation and Advanced Audit & Assurance. Thereafter, they will attain the title of MSc Degree in Professional Accounting at an overseas university. SP DAC graduates are granted exemptions for F1 to F6, after which they just need to complete the F7 to F9 papers to get a Fundamentals Qualification. There is also the ACCA Accelerated Pathway Programme (AAPP) which allows DAC students to start on their ACCA professional qualifications while still in SP.

 Ms Sylvia sharing about ACCA

In conclusion, the sharing by EY and ACCA were exceptionally informative and showed us the different pathways available to us. It just goes to show what we do and learn in SP is internationally recognised too. It definitely incentivises me to attend and participate in more such events!

A big thank you to our industry speakers from EY, ACCA and ISCA.

Joshua Ian Chia Xin Han DAC/FT/2B/03



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