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DBF Bonding Day 2012

In a flash, five weeks of the new academic year 2012/2013 went by. It was a transition period for the freshmen; having to adapt to life in SB while building friendships with their new classmates. The freshmen of Diploma in Banking and Financial Services (DBF) definitely had more spice added to their school life as DBF lecturers and the Student Chapter hosted a DBF bonding event for them on 12 May 2012.


The turnout on the Saturday morning was great. Participants were divided into eight groups consisting of members from different classes for ice-breaker games such as ‘Tag’ and ‘Bang Bang Chucky Chucky’. By the time light breakfast was served, participants were engaged in casual conversations!


The participants then played Captain's Ball, Tag Ball and 'Capture the Flag' games. Even though the sun was scorching hot, freshies were having a lot of fun. These activities helped to build team spirit quickly as teams worked together to strategise and compete. The group cheers also boosted confidence and morale.


During lunch, the various groups chattered away happily and laughed heartily, displaying an atmosphere of unity. After lunch, station games were planned for the freshies. A game inspired by ‘Beer Pong’ was the most top-rated and well-received. There was intense competition among the groups as no group wanted to suffer the forfeit of having to eat biscuits with wasabi! The judges definitely had a tough time identifying the top three teams as everyone demonstrated a laudable zesty spirit.


At the end of the fun-filled day, everyone went home tired but with a big smile. It was a day of fun, laughter, amusement, and .... lots of perspiration too!

~ Pearlyn Woon and Brigitte Ong


Discussing team’s strategy


Watch out!


A giant caterpillar


Burst the balloons!


Say “Cheese”....Winning team – Group 7


Musical chairs..grab one quickly!


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