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DHRMP Youth Day 2015

Written by: Lee Lye Ling Rachael, DHRMP/FT/2B/03

Held on the 28th October, the DHRMP Youth Day followed the theme, Far Far Away – originating from the Shrek Universe. This was the first year the DHRMP Student Chapter had organized a youth day and it aimed at creating a positive and friendly atmosphere between DHRMPers and to let the students kick back and unwind for the day. With a turn up of about 110 students, consisting of year 1s to 3s, a wide array of delectable food was catered for the students to enjoy. The line-up for the day also included a movie screening and several exciting games.

“DHRMP Youth Day was really enjoyable!! It was nice to be able to join our juniors for the event and interact with them (it made me reminisce our days in year 1 and 2, ahh those days). On top of that, it gave us a chance to chat with Ms Juliana, my class’s favourite teacher.  Overall, the event was a success!! What I enjoyed the most about the DHRMP Youth Day is the game with the piñata. The piñata was so cute and it was handmade too.  You could tell about the amount of effort that was put into making it!” - Geraldine (Year 3, 04)

The movie was played shortly after our meal and coinciding with our theme, the Chapter members played none other than Shrek Forever After, the latest movie in the Shrek series. The atmosphere in the MLT was awesome as it felt as if all of us were in an actual cinema, sharing similar sentiments as we watched the hilarious yet heartfelt movie together.

“The theme was awesome and so was the food and movie! I like how the movie, Shrek, was chosen according to the theme of Far Far Away.” - Wei Sheng (Year 2, 01)

After the movie screening, our DHRMPers took a shot at our fun games. Some of the games included “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” and “Guess the Drinks”. It was especially entertaining to see our fellow course mates drink the weird and even unpalatable mixture of drinks and sauces the Chapter members concocted. There was a game station with the Piñata made courtesy by our Year 1 Chapters members. 

“My friends and I went to try the games after the movie and they were really fun! The chapter members were really friendly and inviting too. We also had the chance to mingle with students from the other classes and to know them better.” - Li Ing (Year 1, 02)

Overall, the event was a success and its objective of bonding DHRMP as a course was definitely met! Everyone had a great time over good food, a good movie and even better fellowship.

“Good choice of movie, interesting games and the concept of the piñata was cool.  I had fun and was glad to have attended our first DHRMP Youth Day!” - Asha (Year 2, 01)


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