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DHRMP Youth Day 2016

Contributed by: Hilda Yap, DHRMP/FT/2B/04

On 2 November 2016, the DHRMP Student Chapter organised the annual DHRMP Youth Day to allow all DHRMP students to bond and forge friendships with both their classmates and course mates. A total of about 110 students, consisting of year 1s to year 3s, turned up for the Youth Day celebration.

The event kick-started with the DHRMP Scholarship presentation. The prestigious DHRMP Scholarship is merit-based and awarded based on academic excellence, outstanding co-curricular achievements, strong leadership qualities, and exemplary conduct and character. This year, 6 students were presented with their scholarship awards.

Following the scholarship presentation, all the students were split into 4 teams, each with 1 facilitator. The teams were given 30 minutes for ice-breakers after which each team took turns to play 4 exciting bonding games – “Limbo Rock”, “Oreo Challenge”, “Broken Charades” and “What’s in The Box?”

Each team was given points according to how well they performed for each game, which were then totaled up, entitling them to a variety of prizes. Following the 4 games, they participated in a mass game called the Balloon Battle where each student had balloons tied to their ankles. The aim was for them to pop the balloons of the opposing team. Everyone participated very actively, and was laughing and running around everywhere trying to protect their own balloons. It was definitely an awesome sight as everyone had great fun and was happy.

The event ended with a delectable buffet. The students were treated to a sumptuous buffet meal which consisted of dried mee siam, nuggets, cream puffs and drinks. The event was indeed a success because everyone in the course enjoyed themselves, and friendships were made. Here are the comments made by our fellow DHRMPers:
“The DHRMP Youth Day was well planned and organised. The games were interesting and we had a lot of fun. Overall, it was an exciting event and I am looking forward to the next Youth Day’s celebration.” – Wendy Neo, DHRMP/FT/1B/01

“It was a great event. The games were very enjoyable and I had a lot of fun!” – Zahirah, DHRMP/FT/1B/02

“I thought that it really bonded us across the different classes and years in DHRMP. It was also a very well planned event. The food was great and I truly enjoyed the day. Thanks to the DHRMP Chapter! ” – Daniel Lee, DHRMP/FT/2B/02

“The concept of the DHRMP Youth Day was good. The games were enjoyable and I felt more bonded with students from the other classes!” – Jared Ng, DHRMP/FT/2B/02

“The games were very engaging and induces us to bond by allowing us to communicate and work together as we played the games. Everyone was very enthusiastic throughout the entire bonding day!” – Alvin Ng, DHRMP/FT/2B/04

“The DHRMP Youth Day was a success. It was amazingly planned and coordinated. I had fun attending this event!” – Jarrel Ng, DHRMP/FT/3B/01

“It was a great day! The objective of bonding DHRMP as a course was definitely met. Everyone had a fantastic time over good food and interesting games!” – Sherlyn Ng, DHRMP/FT/3B/04





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