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I Can Transform the World with a Smile – Good Morning SG!

Meet Jocelyn Tan- a girl on a mission to transform the world with a smile. Jocelyn graduated from the Diploma in Business Innovation and Design in April 2016.  Since then, Jocelyn has been busy putting her positivity to good use.

She submitted a winning proposal for funding from the Singapore Kindness Fund. Her initiative Good Morning SG under Mundane Monday Morning aims to put smiles on the faces of everyday people in Singapore and allow them to feel valued, energized, and motivated for the day ahead. Jocelyn first learnt about the Singapore Kindness Movement when she attended the Pre-University Seminar in 2015 while she was at the polytechnic.

Jocelyn attending the Pre-University Seminar in 2015

During her internship last year, while sitting on the train, Jocelyn noticed how emotionless people in office-wear were and how most of them were either staring into blank space or scrolling through their phones. They just seemed so lifeless and indifferent as though they have already surrendered to their mundane life. “I thought that maybe I could make a difference in some of their mornings and motivate them to do a little more for themselves and continue dreaming big.”

Good Morning SG will take place on the 5th of September 2016 from 7.00AM to 9.30AM at various locations in the Central Business District. The target audience are working adults aged 25 to 40 who take the train to work. Together with a group of volunteers, she plans to distribute handmade cards and flowers, and hold up placards with quotes on it in hopes of brightening up their mundane Monday morning. She intends to have a Facebook contest which encourages people to post a wefie with their family and colleagues and win cash vouchers.

Jocelyn’s Good Morning package

The youngest in a family of 3, Jocelyn shares that the Diploma in Business Innovation and Design shaped her as a person. When she joined the course, she was a shy person. She gained confidence and became more outspoken and independent after interacting with her peers in the course whom she describes as “confident and intelligent”.
She has become adventurous, having bag packed in Japan for a month on her own after her graduation. As testament to her independent spirit, she signed up to work in an organic farm in Omura, Nagasaki, not being able to speak or read Japanese. Luckily for her, she met two Indonesian students who were staying at the farm and could speak both English and Japanese. It helped with communication!

Jocelyn with the owner of the organic farm in Japan and Indonesian students.

While in SP, she was President of the SP Environment Club and used to organise lots of events. She is looking for sponsors for the Good Morning SG project from brands and companies that share similar motive of energizing and motivating people.

We wish her every success in bringing a smile to office workers on Monday, 1 August 2016!





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