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Marketing Management Guest Lecture by Mr Dominic Chew

On 17 November 2015, Year 3 DBA students from the Marketing option attended a talk by Mr Dominic Chew, Vice President of Branding & Strategic Marketing of City Developments Limited. As a former graduate of SP Business School, Mr Dominic Chew shared his views on becoming a successful marketer.

Guest Speaker Mr Dominic Chew

The aim of the session was to inspire the students to venture into the world of marketing. He shared 10 key learning points, which were not only relevant to the context of business but also to lead a purposeful life.

He shared his personal experiences in the various industries he worked in and how each experience nurtured him to what he is today. Some of the key learning points he raised were to be able to tap on opportunities.  He encouraged students to start looking for the job descriptions of their dream job and for each job that they do, ensure that it checks off a requirement needed for their dream job. This will not only help to build the portfolio of the students but also enable them to reach their goal.

One of Mr Chew’s Presentation Slides

Another key learning point he shared was that the “Best is yet to come”. Despite being knocked down by obstacles in the pursuit of his career, he brought along an attitude of perseverance and determination. This served as a reality check for the students that even the most successful people faced failures and it is about how we learn from it and turn things around for the better.

Mr Chew was very down to earth and personal, which engaged the students positively. At the end of the presentation, students presented Mr Chew with many different questions. Here are some of the students’ insights after the talk,

“I felt that the talk was very enriching and served as a reminder for me to follow my dreams despite the obstacles that  I may face along the way”- Toh Pei Ling

“Mr Chew was indeed very inspiring and I was intrigued further to join an agency in order to be able to get the exposure and network just like how he did!” –Shahina Basheer

In conclusion, Mr Chew’s presentation was exceptionally relevant to us Year 3 students and served as a guide for the students’ future!

About Mr Dominic Chew

Mr Chew is a graduate from Singapore Polytechnic Business School and subsequently from Bachelor in Business from RMIT University with a distinction in marketing. He also holds a post-graduate diploma in International Marketing from the University of Strathclyde. He started off his career path as a digital brand consultant at Surreal Digital Brand Consulting. He continued utilizing his expertise in brand consultation in Singtel and One Identity Brand Consulting Group. He then ventured into destination branding by joining Singapore Tourism Board as a Brand Developer. Soon after he joined Young & amp; Rubicam as a Strategic Planning Director and is now currently the Vice President of Branding and Strategic planning of City Developments Limited. With almost 20 years of working experience, Mr Chew has held many significant positions in many reputable firms.With his expertise in branding and strategic marketing, Mr Chew has also conducted seminars in educational institutions such as the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).

Article written by Nurul and Ravathi (DBA/FT/3B/10)




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