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SP Graduates Receive Scholarships at Local Universities

We are proud to feature two of our graduates. Roshelle Tan Wei Xi and Leong Jie Jun from the Diploma in Tourism and Resort Management who are the proud recipients of prestigious scholarships to local universities.

Roshelle Tan Wei Xi who graduated from Singapore Polytechnic in May 2015 won a Nanyang scholarship to study business at the Nanyang Technological University.

Roshelle at her graduation on the extreme left with lecturers and classmates

Leong Jie Jun who graduated in 2013 was awarded a college scholarship in 2015 to study business at the Nanyang Technological University

Leong Jie Jun in the last row with his fingers in a peace sign

Scholarship news

Both were ecstatic at receiving the news of their scholarships. Jie Jun expressed, “I was ecstatic to receive the scholarship. Coming from a low-income family, the scholarship enabled me to focus on my studies and not worry about the school fees. I am also proud to be able to represent NTU as a scholar.”

While Roshelle expressed, “It was very unexpected because I did not think that I would get it since there are many others who are eligible. But I am really thankful for this scholarship and will continue to work hard in NTU.”

Experience in SP Business School

Both attribute their success to the supportive and conducive environment in Singapore Polytechnic.

Roshelle found that in spite of the heavy workload, there was “always fun, joy, laughter”.  Jie Jun fondly remembers the time he spent in SP “as both enriching and fun… and the friends, I made will stay with him for the rest of his life. It is definitely an experience that I will never forget”.

While in SP, Jie Jun found his first year economics tutor, Ms Angela Koh a great mentor while Roshelle is grateful for her personal tutor Mr Ronald Sathianathan’s helpful advice in her learning journey, as well as other lecturers.  Roshelle’ mother too was an inspiration to guide and encourage her.

Leong Jie Jun with Ms Angela Koh Mr Ronald Sathianathan with Roshelle on his right

Both enjoyed their internship experience. Jie Jun had a “magical” experience working in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and vows to find work in the tourism industry once he graduates. Roshelle who had interned in Walt Disney World as well as Jurong Bird Park is still passionate about the tourism industry and hopes to join the tourism industry after she graduates from university.

We are proud of their achievements and glad that they are still passionate about tourism after their diploma course in SP Business School.


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