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Bynd Artisan

1. A profile of your post SB journey / work career. Please do highlight any awards, commendation, and achievements you have to date.

Upon graduating from Singapore Polytechnic as a Gold Medalist, while awaiting my enlistment into national service, I entered the workforce to gain a better understanding of the working world. I obtained a temporary job working in the Operations department of a Multinational Dutch Private Bank for 5 months. This experience showed me how important it was to be able to fit in to different working environment. I experienced culture shock as the entire working experience was different from what I had experience during my internship, which was at an SME. At the same time, I enrolled myself into various universities in preparation for my further education after National Service. I applied for NUS and was offered the NUS Undergraduate Scholarship to study Business Administration. Following my graduation from university I hope to be able to work in a company where I am able to spearhead projects for the company’s overseas expansion. Alternatively, if the opportunity arises I would like to be the owner of my own business.

2. Describe your life in SB/SP

I took up the diploma in international business and graduated in 2015. During which I had the chance to work on 2 client-based projects, one being a sausage manufacturer the other an optical goods retailer. In addition in my 3 years I was able to attend a study trip to India, study in Seattle for 3 weeks and take part in an exchange programme in Suzhou for one semester. These trips provided me with an opportunity to be a global citizen and understand the cultures and habits of others around the world. While I was not busy working on projects or mugging for exams, I was part of the Business School Club, where we would organize events for the business school. Some events included the annual Freshmen Orientation Camp and Charity Run, which was even featured in the Straits Times. In my second year I was given the opportunity to be the President of the club where I had to provide a direction for my team, mange my team of driven individuals and mentor my juniors to ensure continuity. In summary, my journey in SB has been an enriching and exciting one, I greatly reminisce the times that I spent in school and have not once regretted making the decision to enter into Polytechnic.

3. What contributed towards your academic success?

I believe the presence of guidance and my determination to do my best helped me greatly in achieving academic success. My lecturers have played an important role in guiding me and imparting their knowledge and perspectives. I still remember the times where we would knock on our lecturers doors to seek advice and no matter how busy they were they would never turn us away. Their advice was not bound to only academic matters but also life lessons that would nurture us as individuals.  It is also important to be determined where we constantly seek to push our boundaries to excel further. I do not believe in sticking to what I have previously done but to constantly seek new ways to improve.

4. Was there a particular lecturer(s) in SB/SP who made an impact in your learning and maturing process? Perhaps in terms of:

There were many lectures that played an important role in my time in poly. However, one lecturer that has been influential to me is my DIB lecturer Mr Andrew Tan. Not only does he has a very deep sense of responsibility towards his students, he believes in pushing his students to their limits and constantly seeks ways to improve the way he teaches so that students are better able to understand concepts. He constantly seeks feedback on his lessons so that he can change and improve. His ability to motivate and connect with his students on the same level is what I admire most about him. I remember before I went to China for my exchange programme I was still doubtful, as lessons and projects had to be done in Mandarin. I was fearful that my GPA would be affected. However, he encouraged me and shared with me the importance of being able to adapt to new and different situations. In addition, Mr Tan’s experience in the industry, allowed him to pass on very practical examples from the business world and link them to the concepts that he was teaching us. Through sharing with us his insights, I became a more pragmatic person where I look at issues at not only from my point of view but also in the shoes of the business.

5. Do you have any advice for SB’s current students?

Do not fear taking a leap of faith and doing something you never thought you could, though you might fall flat at least you have inched forward! Furthermore, you are still more than capable of picking yourself up. In fact, you might just surprise yourself as to how capable you are of achieving your dreams!



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