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12 August 2016 - It was a day of many emotions for 3 teams from the final year Diploma in Business Administration (Marketing Management) option students. The 3 teams were vying for the Champion title at the finals of the Mentholatum Marketing Plan Competition, which was held in MLT 8. At the start of 2016/2017 Semester 1, students working on the Mentholatum marketing plan project were grouped into 8 teams. These teams went through a preliminary round of selection and the best 3 teams were chosen to pitch their marketing ideas on the LipIce brand to a panel of Judges. 


Ms Tan Yen Yen, Acting Director of SP Business School, giving the welcome speech.

The first group to present to the Judges was from DBA/FT/3A/12, calling themselves the “Concept Crew”. Their focus revolved around consumer’s insecurities. Armed with many insights on the target market, the team developed an impressive plan on how to meet the customers’ needs and wants. Overall, they spun an interesting perspective on the product of which the client was eager to implement, especially their online viral idea of having people accomplish something similar to the “flip bottle” challenge. Their presentation, spotted with videos, revealed their deep understanding of the young consumers; about what they want and what they do. The Concept Crew was awarded the 1st Runner Up team.

Concept Crew and the Business Director of Mentholatum Singapore. From left, Ms Lynn Yeo, Joel Teo, Dillon Pang, Chin Yu Ying, Dillon Pang and Audrey Ang.

The second group to present was “Rainbow 6” from DBA/FT/3A/11. Their presentation exuded confidence and was a great demonstration of good preparation. Their slides flourished great visuals and quality. Their ideas were an injection of pure creativity. The point of focus for this group was on forming a strong relationship with consumers by providing customization capabilities for lip balms and suggesting ways to retain consumers using their strong understanding of the female consumer’s behavior and character. The client was impressed by the level of professionalism displayed, using iPads to aid their presentation, creating a seemingly professional television commercial and having an immense dominance of the stage. For their good ideas and presentations, the team was awarded the 2nd Runner Up position.


Rainbow Six and the Business Director of Mentholatum. From left, Ms Lynn Yeo, Randall Teo, Julius Teo, Stephanie Sim, Shavonne Seow, Joshua Lim and Lorraine Wong.

Mentholatum Business Director presenting the Best Speaker award to Julius Teo of Rainbow Six.

The final group, “The 5 Marketeers” from DBA/FT/3A/11, showed their marketing prowess to the panel of Judges. They redefined what going the extra mile meant. They made real life prototypes of promotional tools like vending machines and magazine advertisements, alongside well-produced commercials which together, tremendously exceeded the client’s expectations. Their focus was mainly on expansion, looking towards the Muslim community, exploring new channels for the company and developing the current ones. Their immense efforts earned them their well-deserved Champion prize of the competition.

The 5 Marketeers and the Business Director of Mentholatum. From left, Ms Lynn Yeo, Jeremy Teo, Justin Wong, Cherlyn Yong, Shammaine Chong and Fabian Sim.

Ultimately, everyone in attendance was awestruck by these great presentations and brought back something with them.  Members of the finalist teams expressed their appreciation of this integrated marketing project with Mentholatum Singapore, which focuses on enhancing their marketing skills and preparing them to be more work and life ready.  Justin Wong, one of the Champion Team members said: “…This project gave everyone the opportunity to grow and be work-life ready by putting ourselves in the shoes of the client, and to come up with feasible and interesting ideas. There is certainly a sense of satisfaction seeing how our ideas get translated into concepts.  In all, I feel that this whole journey was a good experience to prepare us for the working world as how often can we work on a marketing plan for a real client!"

Shammaine Chong, another member of the Champion Team added: “This journey was enriching and a huge eye-opener for me. I am very grateful and honestly astonished that my group had come this far. Although the journey was tough, with numerous ups and downs,…I feel that my entire group members had emerged as stronger individuals. This integrated marketing project had pushed me to think out of the box, be innovative and yet be realistic. Also, I finally see the hard work required and the full picture of a marketing plan. Lastly, I am thankful to have my team, as they made the experience even more enjoyable and through this, we have formed an unbreakable bond. I am extremely thankful to all the lecturers for their guidance and care throughout this journey, and Mentholatum for this opportunity. The journey itself was rewarding and emerging as the winner was the cherry on top of the cake.”

Indeed, the integrated final year project for the marketing option was a monumental success, pushing students to liberate their creative minds while equipping them with the essential marketing skills to grow from.

All 3 Finalist groups with the panel of judges and SP Business School Staff. 



Article written by Bryan Tenh Jing Cong of DBA/FT/3A/11.



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