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Marketing Plan Competition 2015

The finals of the Singapore Polytechnic Business School – Mandom Corporation Marketing Plan Competition were held on the 11th of February 2015 at MLT 8.

This semester, the final year students from the Diploma in Business Administration (DBA), Marketing Management option, were privileged to partner Gatsby, Mandom Corporation’s finest brand. They were challenged to generate a creative, yet feasible year-long marketing plan which Gatsby could possibly incorporate. The competition went down to the wire, fuelled with intensity from competing groups as they worked their fingers to the bones, planning and preparing semester-long.

After meticulous assessments, three teams were shortlisted and required to pitch their marketing plan to a panel of three judges. One of them included our client and Guest of Honour, Mr Vincent Siow, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mandom Corporation.

Before officially commencing the start of the finals, Mr Vincent Siow took the initiative to share a few words of wisdom with the aspiring marketers in the lecture hall. He highlighted three key points that every student should strive to achieve – perseverance, positivity and passion.

Guest of Honour, Mr Vincent Siow, giving a speech before commencing the competition

The teams competing in the finals went out with guns blazing, pitching their creative campaigns  to the judges . The teams tried to capture the heart of the audiences with humorous television commercials which essentially delivered an intended and encoded message above it all. The entertainment value and amount of showmanship displayed that day was off the charts as the audiences were in constant awe and amusement.

When it finally came to the results, Woosh It’s Gatsby, were crowned champions of this semester’s Marketing Plan competition. The highlight of their presentation was undoubtedly their extensive analysis of their target market and the fact that the ideas pitched were both feasible and appealing. This was also coupled by their unrelenting showmanship, display of  multiple props and  visual aids to the audience.

When asked about what she remembered fondly from this experience, team leader Ms Lee Xin Hui replied, “it was about working as a team brainstorming for ideas, filming our videos and creating the props. I think we had fun from this experience.”

Team Woosh It’s Gatsby
From the left: Ms Cindy Ng, Ms Xin Hui Lee, Mr Vincent Siow, Ms Lim Shu bin, Ms Koh Wei Ru

GatFresh was the first runner up, who excited the audiences and judges with their humorous video commercial entitled ‘Love At First Sight’ and illustrative print advertisements.

Mr Tom Lim, the team leader of GatFresh said, “it has been a very fruitful experience as our team has learnt a lot from it all. The prizes are just secondary and the experience and knowledge that we gained from this competition will greatly benefit us for many years to come.”

Team GatFresh
From the left:  Mr Nigel Fong, Mr Vincent Siow, Mr Tom Lim, Mr Benedict Soh, Ms Claire Tan, Ms Elisa Khoo

Last but not the least, The Greatest Gatsby were the second runner up for this competition. Their objectives were made clear at the start of the presentation which ensured smooth delivery of the content.

Team leader, Ms Gladys Tan, said, “Gatsby is a suitable partner for us. The experience has been fulfilling. We learnt to adapt to difficult situations  on the spot.”

Team The Greatest Gatsby
From the left: Mr Ashley Soon, Mr Howard Tan, Mr Vincent Siow, Ms Gladys Tan, Ms Nicole Chin and Ms Maizurah

Mr Nigel Fong, best speaker, from team GatFresh, said he felt delirious upon winning the award which he  never expected

In a short interview with the Guest of Honour, Mr Vincent Siow, had this to say, “they (the presenting groups) exceeded our expectations, especially the last group (Woosh, It’s Gatsby). Their ideas were pretty clear and realistic so we could really visualise what they were trying to tell us. We could also see these ideas happening in stores so that is really important. These are the few reasons why they won. Of course, the other groups did very well today too.”

Ms Georgina Phua, Director of Singapore Polytechnic Business School, was full of praise for the presenting teams, “our students really presented themselves very well. In terms of the quality of work that they put in, I think our students have done Singapore Polytechnic proud. In fact, they (Mandom Corporation) invited us to further collaborate with them if we see value in it.”

Ms Lim Hui Wen, a final year student from DBA/10, came to support her fellow classmates. She was thoroughly impressed by the presenting teams and proud of her friends for doing well in the finals.

On a whole, it was a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for all.  

Competing teams enjoying each other’s presentations

Audiences entertained by the humorous television commercials on show

Audiences showing their appreciation for the amount of showmanship on display

Smiles during the break after working hard for the finals

The industry partner for the next Marketing Plan Competition will be POSB and we would like to wish the next batch of students all the best in their journey!

Competing teams were thrilled for this experience of partnering Mandom Corporation

Industry guests and lecturers


Written by Farid Alias and Theon Lim of DBA/FT/3B/09

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