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Reflection on a Critical Thinking Talk held at SP Business School

Think Critically.          

On 4 February 2015, SP Business School had the honour to have Mr. Raymond Thomas to talk to Diploma in Business Administration (DBA) students about critical thinking! Mr. Raymond Thomas is the Principle Consultant, Speaker & Trainer of The Learning Paradigm. He shared with the students what  critical thinking is and how we can use it in our daily lives.


Personally I found  this talk was very fun and interactive. Mr Thomas started off with introducing himself and building the atmosphere by speaking to us in an informal tone. He then gave us tests that we can all participate in  and find out how strong we are in critical thinking. He also shared many examples to every learning point for us to understand better. His examples were on  practical day-to-day situations that helped in maximising learning retention.

 The talk was life changing for me. It expanded my mind to  think critically. Critical thinking is a process and it is about questioning  answers, and thinking deeper.  I managed to learn some of the very important skills and understand what critical thinking is and why we need critical thinking in this world that we live in.

Critical thinking is a complex process of deliberation which involves a wide range of skills and attitudes. It is also about weighing up opposing arguments and evidence fairly. Without critical thinking, we might jump in to conclusions. We need critical thinking skills to evaluate whether the reasons people give are well-founded, based on good evidence. It is also for us to make better informed decisions.

Although this talk was just a short one hour talk, I took away many things from it. My greatest takeaway is that I have to look at issues from different perspectives and put my own likes, beliefs and interests to aside with the aim of reaching the most accurate outcome.

Article written by Koh ChongZhe, DBA Year 1 student.

(Speaker, Mr Raymond Thomas)   (Mr Thomas with Mr Tang Kah Heong, Senior                               
Manager, SP Business School)

Ms Wang Pheck Hoon, Course Chair of DBA, giving her welcome address.

(Mr Thomas with lecturers and students from SP Business School)


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